Like a Phoenix, Rising From the Ashes

Photo credit: Jon Tucker

Photo credit: Jon Tucker has gone through numerous transformations. This is the latest incarnation of my online presence to give the world a brief overview of who I am, some of the things I’ve done, and where my skills, interests, and passions lie. If you haven’t visited my site before, a good place to start might be reading some of my Blog posts from last year, in particular my thoughts on collaborative networking. Then, if you go to the “About” page, I’ve put some information about who I am, what I do, what I like to do, and how I combine some of those things.

A large part of this new transformation was my growing dissatisfaction with the old site. While it wasn’t bad, I couldn’t help but think that it was very narrow in scope, yet far too broad in execution. I recently sat down, and sketched out a mental map of all the different audiences that would need to cater to, and what kind of content each of these distinct groups might want to derive from it. I decided that I did not want to simply have an online resume, nor did I want just a simple landing page. I wanted to be able to express myself both professionally and personally in one place, allowing both business contacts as well as friends and family an opportunity to learn about who I am, what I do, what I like, and how I work. It is my hope that this new format can help accomplish that.

Finally, there are some social media links so you can find me in the usual places: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…

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